1. Yoga benefits concentration and focus

The practice of yoga asanas requires physical concentration as you learn to bring your focus to your breath and move through a sequence of poses. Bringing in an awareness of your body and breath is a useful tool that can be used off the mat as you increase your concentration in your day-to-day activities.

2. Yoga gives clarity and calms the mind

As you learn to concentrate on your breath during your yoga practice, you will also bring your awareness to the present moment – releasing thoughts about the past and future. This practice is one that is developed over time, however, clarity and calmness of the mind is often developed when we can release the nagging thoughts that come from our busy lives. Instead of getting enveloped by the to-do lists and stresses of daily life that flood our mind, the practice of yoga helps us observe our thoughts and release that which is not serving us well.

3. Yoga benefits in reducing your anxiety

According to a study on the effects of meditation, when we engage in meditative practices we are actually rewiring the neural pathways in our brain. As you meditate, the neural connections between these two areas of the brain begin to loosen. After meditation, when there is a fear response induced you no longer will have such strong neural pathways that tie that sensation to you – meaning that you will be able to more clearly see the problem for what it is without automatically thinking that it is your fault or you are the problem – and as a result reducing anxiety.

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